About Us . . .

We are a broadly-purposed cooperative founded and managed by our members. We leverage our wide-ranging experience base, collectively-broad viewpoints and diverse skill sets to help solve problems and address unmet needs. We blend fresh looks at applying modern technologies with our proven hands-on development methods to make advances.

Our Mission . . . We engineer lasting improvements that make our world a better place. We do this in two ways. First, we collaborate on engineering of applied technology developments for new systems that advance capabilities we feel will make a positive difference for society. Our group works these projects within the fields of aerospace, marine, agriculture, energy and the environment. Second, we help the next generation of engineers have the opportunities to develop their skills and confidence for tackling unmet needs that will make a difference to people. We do this by mentoring, one person at a time,  and by providing hands-on learning, development, and outreach opportunities within our technical interests and capabilities.

Our Name . . . MESATech Logo   

 Math, Engineering, and Science Applied Technologies (MESATech)

Our Logo . . . Our diverse set of activities help make us as solid as the rock of a mesa, some layers weathering time better than others, letting the bright light of a rising sun guide our efforts at building effective solutions to each day’s new challenging opportunities.

Our Purpose . . . We strive for progressing long-term balanced results, planning our endeavors and measuring our successes by equally considering progress across our three objectives:

  1. The well-being of our members;
  2. The sustainability of our business activities; and
  3. The effectiveness of our contributions toward making the world a better place